About Threos

All-in-One Worksite Health Solution

12+ Years Of Experience in Medical Services

Threos Hospitals, Indias leading healthcare organization dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). With a remarkable track record, Threos has successfully treated over 10,000+ PCOS patients in the last four years. Our commitment to holistic and personalized care sets us apart, making Threos Hospitals the trusted choice for those seeking effective and natural solutions for PCOS. Threos Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a global specialty pharmaceutical company, Our vision is to be the leading global company in womens health care by providing innovative, effective solutions that care for and support women as they advance through each stage of their lives.

What Makes Threos Unique?

Breakthrough in PCOS management through multiple delivery models

Professional Team

Meet Our Experience Team Members

Dr. Aparna
Senior PCOS Consultant
Dr. Agnes George
Junior PCOS Consultant
Dr. Shaheen
Senior Nutritionist
Mrs. Nisha Priya
PCOS Manager
How THREOS was Build?

Our Name Threos States The Six Core Values Of Us

We believe in helping women to make educated choices about how to manage their lifes natural cycles and phases. To do this, we give knowledge and assistance regarding PCOS, fertility, menstrual cycles, and a womans general well-being


For us, building Trust is the cornerstone of a better, healthier society for women


We are fully committed to enhancing care for women, and we aim for nothing less than perfection in all we do.


To provide doctors and women with the finest results possible, we consistently strive with our partners to enhance and extend our products as we pay attention to the health requirements of women


We adhere to the strictest moral standards and give each person fair and respectful treatment


We are cognizant of everything a woman experiences and work to give the most effective means of relieving their misery